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    Your Investment portfolios, what's in it?

    Fint offers three distinct investment portfolio themes, each crafted to match your goals and where you want to make an impact:

    Climate Change

    Put your money where the planet’s heart is – invest in companies all about renewable energy, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly moves. 🌱🌍💡

    Disruptive Technologies

    Get ready to shake things up with disruptive tech. These game-changers can birth new markets or flip old ones, throwing shade at the usual suspects. Crafting a portfolio around these trailblazers? Get set for some major growth potential. 🚀🌟🔌


    Dive into the world of e-sports – that’s like competitive video gaming on steroids. It’s blown up big time in popularity and cash flow lately, so putting your money here could be a total power move. 🎮🔥💸

    Lock in Your Monthly Investment

    Getting into the groove of monthly investments can bring a bunch of awesome benefits your way.

    • Start making a difference with just £50 every month 🎯
    • Time to crush your goals and check them off one by one! 🚀
    • Craft those unbeatable investment routines for maximum success! 💰📈

    Monthly Statement

    This report is super important for keeping tabs on how your portfolio did in that timeframe – the wins, the losses, and all the changes in between. 📊💹

    • What did we buy this time? 💰🤑📈
    • What did we sell this time?📉📊💲
    • What did we charge during the period?🕵🏼‍♀️🗄️🕵🏼

    Giving you the power to rock those money moves with knowledge. 📊💪💸

    Fint wants to help you make smart investing choices. We’ve teamed up with Oxford Risk, and with some smart tech, we learn about your financial personality, what risks you’re comfortable with, and what you care about. This way, you can feel good about your investment choices and take charge of your financial future 📈🤑🔥

    Clear-Cut Costs

    Fint’s all about keeping it real and affordable. That’s why we roll with a straightforward, flat fee of 1% per annum on your investment stash. This one covers everything – portfolio, platform, and management costs. No hidden stuff, just top-notch investing without burning a hole in your wallet. 💰🙌🌟

    Secure, human, helpful

    FINT’s got your back with top-notch security and privacy. We know there’s zero tolerance for slip-ups when it’s about you and your cash. 🔒💰🔐


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    Protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


    We use bank-level encryption for all your personal information


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    Frequently asked questions

    Fint is the ultimate app for real wealth building in the long run. We've got all the tools, the backup, and the know-how to help long-term hustlers grow their money smartly. You get to invest your way, with less fees, and we're here to make sure you rock that money game. Fint's like the perfect blend of custom vibes and smart tech. Even if you're just starting out, you can dive into stock markets and make your money hustle hard, with the pros keeping watch. Think of it like this: trading apps shook up investing, and now we're here to make it make sense. 📈📲💰

    Fint hooks you up with the tools to stack that long-term cash. Here's how Fint gets things done: • Create Your Vibe: Take your pick from 3 awesome themes: Climate Change, Disruptive Tech, or e-Sports. • Dial in Your Risk: We've got your back – your portfolio vibes with your risk style, so no surprises, just smooth sailing. • Automate the Magic: Set your direct debit groove, and let the investment journey roll. Remember, Fint's all about the long game – we're here for the steady rollers, not the quick flippers. 📊💸📆

    We're dishing out 3 unique portfolio flavors, each served with 3 different risk vibes: Low, Medium, High. And guess what? We pair your chosen theme with your risk groove. We keep it savvy with ETFs to save on costs and give you some super diversified portfolios. 📈🍔🔥

    Kickstart your investment journey with just £50 a month. 🚀💰

    Fint is licensed by IronMarket Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 620330).

    We'll take a 1% annual fee based on your investment's value, along with some variable investment costs when they pop up. It's a monthly thing, and your dashboard will always show your investment's worth after all the fees are settled. No hidden surprises here! 💰📊🧾

    Absolutely! With the IronMarket crew on board, your risk-tailored portfolio is in expert hands. You get all the thrill of market action with the reassurance that seasoned professionals are keeping a close eye on it. 📈👩‍💼👨‍💼✨

    Rest easy knowing IronMarket is the real deal – they're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. That means you're fully covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme for that extra peace of mind. Check out the deets at if you wanna know more. 💼🔐💸

    For the first 1,000 active users, we're kicking things off with a sweet deal – we'll drop £50 directly into your investment account after you make your 4th monthly investment payment. Consider it a little extra boost to get your wealth-building journey going! 💰🚀🙌

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